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OP Painters: Interior & Exterior


Est. 2007 

Exterior Painters Oak Park IL

Exterior: We will begin by first laying down drop clothes and preparing the area for the work ahead. Next we first scrape and remove any loose paint on the home. Afterwards, we will prep the bare wood by sanding it to smooth it out. After the home has been prepped and sanded, we will power-wash the home to remove any residues. Next we will cover all the bare areas of the home with a oil based primer to give the wood superb resistance to elements as well as quality adhesion for whichever Benjamin Moore product we decide to go with (standard, we like to use Mooreguard exterior paint). Next we would use an accelerator 2.0 caulk. This product will be used to seal up any gaps in the wood and keep any elements from working their way in behind the wood. Once the house is fully prepped, we end by systematically painting all of the areas of the home with 2 coats of Ben Moore paint.